Welcome to The Official Website Of Patra’s Laboratory of Engineering Geology, Engeolab

The Laboratory of Engineering Geology (EnGeo) of Patras University was founded in 2000 in the Department of Geology and became autonomous on year 2000 (PD 284/2000). EnGeo significantly contributes to the educational and research activities of the Department and allocates modern laboratorial and in-situ research equipment. EnGeo deals with research subjects related to technical work’s study, construction and operation and their impact on geo-environment. Additionally, EnGeo deals with research subjects related to the influence of geohazards on the geo-environment due to the forthcoming climate change, focusing on landslides. Innovative research is carried out by researchers, including faculty members and scientific assistants (Post-docs, PhD students), mainly funded by external research projects. The team also includes external experienced researchers employed in Public Organizations and Private Construction and Consulting Companies.
EnGeo constitutes the founded member of the Intra-University Research Network “Earth Observation Network for Environmental Planning, Sustainable Development and Crisis Management “(ObsEarth).
The main research activity and the research fields of EnGeo are:

  • Influence of engineering – geological and geotechnical conditions on technical work design, construction and operation (dams, tunnels, roads etc)
  • Predisposing factors, monitoring, remedial measure design and hazard of landslides
  • Recording and processing of critical geo-environmental parameters for urban ground suitability, regional development, land use and environmental impact assessment of technical works
  • Engineering – geological and geotechnical conditions related to the preservation and restoration of archaeological sites, monuments and caves
  • Quality control for geomaterial suitability (aggregates, embankments etc)
  • Influence of soil and rock erosion in the natural and man-made environment in coastal and inland territories

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