Research Projects

Research projects conducted by the Laboratory of Engineering Geology (main research entity) from year 2000 until today

  1. «Engineering Geological conditions along the Corinthos – Patras motorway». “Edafomichaniki” Consulting Soil Engineers. (Dec.2001 – May 2002)
  2. «Geotechnical and engineering geological investigation of landslide phenomena occurred at the Kernitsa site (K.S. 9+500 Kalavryta – Pounda road)». Achaia Prefecture. (Jul. 2002 – Dec. 2002)
  3. «Geotechnical investigation on slope stability conditions and wall foundation of Historical Monuments and protection measurement design. An application to Kalamata Castle». Ministry of Culture (2001-2002)
  4. «Engineering geological investigation and monitoring of Karya landslide zone. Achaia Prefecture». (2002 – 2003).
  5. «Engineering geological and geotechnical investigation related to landslide phenomena occurred at the Marathokampos site, Samos Island, affecting the road network». Samos Prefecture». (June 2002 – Aug. 2002)
  6. «Geotechnical and engineering geological investigation of landslide phenomena occurred at the Kalavryta – Pounda, road sections: K.S. 10+100 – 10+500, 9+150 – 9+350, 2+700 – 3+400». Achaia Prefecture. (June 2003 – Dec. 2003)
  7. «Lefkada earthquake: landslides on road network – remedial measure design». Ministry of Environment Physical Planning and Public Works – Earthquake Protection and Planning Organization. (Aug. 2003 – Dec. 2003)
  8. «Evaluation and classification of critical parameters of soils according to their polluting susceptibility for waste disposal». Ministry of Health and Public Care. (2003 – 2004)
  9. «Geotechnical investigation in Karya – N. Souli villages for geological suitability zoning». Achaia Prefecture. (2004 – 2005)
  10. «Geological suitability investigation at the urban area of Sami town, Kefallonia Island». Municipality of Sami. (Febr. 2005 – Sept. 2005)
  11. «Geotechnical investigation in San Andreas village, Karpenissi area». Municipality of Karpenissi. (2004 – 2005)
  12. «Geotechnical investigation regarding the slope stability and wall foundation problems of Kyparissia, Messenia castle». Ministry of Environment Physical Planning and Public Works. (2005-2006)
  13. «Physical and mechanical parameters of geological formations related to technical works design and construction». ‘‘Karatheodoris’’ research programme provided by the Research Committee of the University of Patras. (2003-2006).
  14. «Engineering Geological Map of Athens». Prefecture of Athens and Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration (IGME).(2005 – 2006).
  15. «Construction of dams and other technical works for surface water management in Achaia Prefecture». Region of Western Greece. (2005 – 2006).
  16. «Geotechnical investigation for the extension of the sewerage network in the area of Agia – Proastio, Patras». Municipality of Patras. (Aug. 2007 – Oct. 2007).
  17. «Geological – Geotechnical investigation on land owned by ΟΕΚ in the site of Kounavoi, Heraklion Crete». Social Housing Organization (OEK). )Sept. 2007 – Oct. 2007).
  18. «Geological and Geotechnical investigations in the wildfire affected sites of Ilia Prefecture for landslide protection and remedial measures design». Region of Western Greece. (2008 – 2010).
  19. «Remedial measures design for rockfall protection in Santomeri village after the earthquake of June 2008». Region of Western Greece. (July 2008 – Aug. 2008).
  20. «Geotechnical investigation for foundation condition’s estimation in Leptokaria village». Municipality of Pillini. (July 2008 – Sept. 2008).
  21. «Engineering geological – geotechnical investigations and dynamic analyses for ground and structure response estimation in the earthquake affected areas of Valmi and Nission villages, Ilia Prefecture». Ministry of Environment Physical Planning and Public Works – Earthquake Protection and Planning Organization. (2008 – 2009).
  22. «Geotechnical investigation including exploratory boreholes for remedial measures design in landslides occurred in Velvitsi and Lampiri villages, Achaia Prefecture». Region of Western Greece (2010).
  23. «Repair of damages on the primary road Chalkis – Lepoura – Kimi in the Stomio Oxylinthos site, suffered by landslides». Ministry of Environment Physical Planning and Public Works (2010).
  24. «Rockfall in Pagondas village of Pithagorio site, Samos Island». Region of North Aegean (2011).
  25. «Geological – Geotechnical investigation on land owned by ΟΕΚ in Leonidio town». Social Housing Organization (2011).
  26. «Recording and monitoring of water leaks in the tunnels of the Mornos dam». The Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP SA). (2011 – 2012)
  27. «Delimination of rock falling hazardous areas along Antirrio – Ioannina national road and design of protection measures from K.S. 7+500 to 10+500». Region of Western Greece. (2012).
  28. «Landslide Vulnerability Model” (LAVMO) based on Remote Sensing technologies. Thales Research Programme – University of Patras». Operational Programme Education and Life Learning (2012 – 2015), with main research unity the Physics Department of University of Patras
  29. «Landslide Risk Assessment Model for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (LANDSLIDE)». European Commission Directorate-General Humanitarian aid and civil protection (2015 – 2018), with main research unity the National Observatory of Athens.
  30. «Investigation on the origin of the increased iron and manganese quantities in the Pinios dam reservoir of Ilia Regional Unit». Water Supply Association “Pinios”. (2018-2019).
  31. «Development of a recording, monitoring and risk management landslide system with the application of up to date geotechnical and satelite methodologies». Operational Programme Epirus 2014-2020 (MIS 5007641, 2017-2020)
  32. «Development of management Tools and diRectives for immediate protection of bIodiversity in coasTal areas affected by sea erOsion and establishment of appropriate eNvironmental control systems (TRITON)». Interreg V – A Greece – Italy (EL-IT) 2014 – 2020. (MIS 5003629, 2018 – 2020)
  33. «Large scale shear tests of soil-geosynthetic interfaces». Collaborative Research in the field of Geotechnical and Geological Engineering funded by the Greek Diaspora Fellowship Program (2020-2021)
  34. «Recording and inspection of the installed equipment in Pinios Dam –Εvaluation of the existing measurements – Suggestion for the replacement of the non-operational equipment» Region of Western Greece (2020-2021).

Additionally, there is a continuously operated programme named “Laboratory of Engineering Geology Research” which aims to provide services (only carrying specialized studies and laboratory tests) in Public Organizations and Private Companies.


Representative publications of the Laboratory of Engineering Geology from 2000 until today

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