The Laboratory of Engineering Geology has the required laboratory equipment for the implementation of all laboratory tests regarding Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics, Soil Suitability and Aggregate Suitability. The laboratory tests are performed in accordance with the current Greek and International Standards (ASTM, EN, BS, ISRM, E105-86, E105-84, etc.). In addition, it affords the required equipment for a completed kinematic monitoring of landslides as well as equipment for several site works.

·              Soil Mechanics:

Physical properties: moisture, saturation, unite weight, specific weight, void ratio, porosity, relative density

Classification properties: grain size distribution, Atterberg Limmits swelling, carbonates – organics, permeability

Mechanical properties: unconfined compression, direct shear, triaxial compression (UU, CUPP, CD), ring shear, consolidation, large shear box (30×30 cm)

·              Rock Mechanics:

Slake durability, Ultra sonic velocity, Hardness, strength parameters (Point loading, Unconfined compression, Triaxial Compression), Compressibility (Young modulus, Poisson ratio), shear strength of discontinuities.

·              Soil Suitability:


Proctor compaction, CBR, compaction quality control

·              Aggregate quality control:


Geometrical parameters: grain size distribution, flakiness index, elongation index, shape index, sand equivalent value (SE)  

Physical properties: specific unite weight and water absorption

Mechanical properties: Micro-Deval Value, Los Angeles Abrasion Value (LAAV), Polished Stone Value (PSV), Impact Value (AIV), Soundness Value

Chemical properties

·              Equipment for landslide kinematic monitoring with two portable inclinometers and one piezometer

·              Meteorological Stations, GNSS and in place inclinometers for landslide kinematic monitoring in real time

·              Kinematic Monitoring Network of landslides with NAS stations for data storage obtained through fixed or mobile network

·              Velodyne Real time 3D Lidar sensor

·              Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) (drone)

·              Equipment for in situ Plate Load tests